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My reality

Weekend is just around the block and while I’m standing here looking at the screen waiting for the last minutes of my work days to pass (please don’t tell my boss I’m writing instead of finishing my tasks for the day), I can’t stop thinking of what I will do with my free time. I have a family, I have friends, and as much as I love them all, I find myself lusting for some time without them.

I love going for a walk in the park when the weather is nice outside or for a coffee out to look at the window while it rains, going out with my friend, going to movies or shows, shopping and all other activities you are all so familiar with. Right now I’m not waiting for any of these, all I want is to go home and lock myself into a room and write. Or read.

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Words and images

I write. I want to write more and hopefully now I’m serious about it. I want to finish my stories, I would love for people to read them, I would love feedback and most definitely I would like to improve my skills. There is hope.

However, there is one talent that I miss completely and wish I had. Drawing. I know, maybe in time I can improve that, maybe I can do more than a stick man, but I would never be an artist.

I see my stories in my mind, my characters, locations, and sometimes the images fade away. I wish I could put it on on paper, help me figure out details that I miss. I can’t say I’ve tried it, since my skills are basically missing, maybe instead of helping it will just make me write less, maybe it is better to just try and put down words instead of images. It will help my mind. Continue reading “Words and images”

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Mr. Wizard, I want some courage

I write. Good, bad, edited, drafted, I just write. And for me that was enough. I didn’t need anything else, I was happy. For the past 6 months, since I finished the draft of my beloved novel, things changed. It might be disappointment, it might be depression, it might be writer’s block,  who knows what other name it has. The fact is that I feel down and in the mood to do nothing. And that includes writing, which I put aside for too long. What’s going on with me?

I’m seeking for help, I wish I could just click the heels of my slippers and go to Oz.

Please Mr. Wizard, give me some courage.

Courage to start the edit the novel so desperately needs.

Courage to start new stories, to dream new worlds.

Courage to put my work out in the world for someone else to read.

Courage to talk to be people about it, to ask for their opinion.

Courage to follow my dream no matter how hard it is.

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Procrastination… it is probably what everyone talks about everywhere. Blog, videos, articles, books. Writers, artists, people in general, no one escape the bad monster that is procrastination. We do it in relation to our job, our passions and our life. As old as time, as strong as plastic – might not be a good comparison, but hey, plastic will definitely surpass us on this world.

I’m not here to tell you recipes, to offer advise about how you could get rid of it. You see, I’m not really a “motivational” type of person. Support, yes, that helps a lot, having someone to believe in you, having the positive attitude will make you conquer the picks; unfortunately I’m not getting if from a quote, an image or an article I read on the internet. When I’m down (or procrastinating) I need time and I will help myself out. So yes, we are all different, we have our solutions, so many for the same problem and what works for you will not work for me and vice versa. Continue reading “Procrastination”

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Life vs. Writing

I’m usually putting writing on the second place, life should always come first. No matter if it is time spent with family and friends, around the house, or sleep, they are part of life and we need them. I thought that writing is just a job, a passion. I was so wrong.

I had it all planned for yesterday, to write this blog post (not really this one), to work on my Wattpad story and it all changed in minutes due to personal events. And it made me thing of how life is and how much it resembles life.

You know when it starts

We all know when life begins, the day we are born, we celebrate it each year and we make others remember it. Same as with writing, it starts when I sit and type the words on the screen, it all has a moment when it all began. When the idea started to grow in my mind, when I outline it, it was all in the beginning. Continue reading “Life vs. Writing”