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Did I just wrote a book already written?

There are so many books in the world that is impossible to read them all in a life time, or even in more. So many stories waiting to be discovered, so many good ideas waiting for a chance to be put into words. But what do you do when you find out you are not the only one having that brilliant idea, you are not the only one who wrote the story?

While I recognize that some of my stories are inspired by others, by images I saw in movies or by reading fragments of other books, there are some I consider to be mine. Sure, I agree that nowadays it is very hard to come up to an original idea, something no one addressed before, but hoped my stories were not already told by someone else in the same form. I am proud of the words I put down, no matter how much I wished I delete everything and work it all over again and there are stories which mean a lot to me. And for those, the disappointment is even greater. Continue reading “Did I just wrote a book already written?”

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Writing and music

Even since I was little, I’ve enjoyed the silence. I couldn’t study with the TV on or with music, I could not stand loud noises when I wanted to really concentrate on something. Even to this day, I cannot break this habit, even if there are moments when I try to allow the music into my brain.

The place I most of the times listen to music is work. Youtube running in the background with music I most of the times ignore, trying to focus on what I have to do. There are moments when a nice song starts to play and I stop what I’m doing, re-play it enjoy it without other interruptions. I don’t usually listen to music at home, I don’t listen to it when I’m writing. Continue reading “Writing and music”

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What’s your writing language?

When I first took a pen in my hand, I started to draw lines that made no sense, then stepped up to coloring and childish drawings. Later on I discovered words and started to write. I had a limited set of words I knew and just one language I could use for my poems and stories. And as I grew up, more words revealed themselves to me in more than one language.

Starting with 2nd grade I’ve started to learn French and in 6th grade English while I was learning Italian from all the cartoons I was watching (and even if I never had a teacher, I still understand it and can say a few phrases – yey to the wonders of a fresh mind). And it never crossed my mind that I could write in any of them. As it should be, I feel more confident with my native language, it came so easy to think and put down my thoughts like this. Continue reading “What’s your writing language?”

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[Stones] Meet the characters

I had one page of ideas for what was all about Stone. Good enough to don’t forget what it was all about, not good enough to start writing it. So I got one notebook (out of the so many I bought and never used) and started to organize my thoughts.¬†After writing down that I thought described the plot of the novel, I started to think of my characters. Who they are? What are their intentions? What is their background? What role will they play in the final story? There were so many questions that I tried to answer to these past weeks and now I’m finally in a happy place with everything.

At this point I’m still reluctant to tell you more details about the story. Is not like I’m scared you will steal my idea, is not like I have big plans with it… maybe I’m afraid someone will come and tell me is crap… in the end whatever the reason is, I’m not there yet, not in the point when I can discuss openly about my ideas. What I can tell you can be resumed as follows: Continue reading “[Stones] Meet the characters”

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[Stones] A novel rush

I’m seeing the days passing in front of my eyes and I have no idea where they are going. Yesterday was January and celebrating the new year and now… now more than half of the year passed and it feels like I’m in the same place as I was 6 months ago. I wish I’d have the energy from last year, I wish I wanted to write day after day to give birth to another story… Unfortunately, I’ve been procrastinating for so long that it feels so natural and normal to do.

Now everything has to stop. The more time passes, the closer I am to the deadline for Stones. If you read the previous Stone post, you know that this story is for my best friend. It means something to us and I want to finish and write it until 17th of November. Yes, this year. I’m crazy, right? Can it be done? I don’t know, I need to give it a try. Thus I came up with this amazing plan that I will probably not be able to keep: Continue reading “[Stones] A novel rush”