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Friday writing

I finally did it. For the first time since… well… since I can remember, I took a day off with a predefined purpose. To write. I had a plan, one that in the end wasn’t able to achieve, but hey, at least it is a start and I did some progress. Is better than nothing right?

Thus, I took a Friday off, with the sole purpose of writing. I woke up at the same time as I do every day for work, took my laptop and got out there. No, I did not woke up late, I did not stay at home. It seemed like a failure from the start thus I considered writing to be my new job. I went to a coffee shop I usually go and set up my laptop, pressing the key over and over again. From 9:30 AM until 12:00 PM I just wrote. It was much more than I achieve during the weekends at home or during night time, it was good to be able to do something just for myself. Continue reading “Friday writing”

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[Stones] I dreamed too far

Yes, I am a dreamer and I’m not ashamed to say it. It what makes me me and what I know to do best. It is just sometimes I think that dreams can become real and for a moment there (or maybe more) I believe in them too much.

I started up with a plan too big to fulfill. Write Stones until mid of October. We are not there yet, I know, but I am far away from finish it. And now I can truly say it will be impossible. Deep inside I hoped I will be able to gathered myself and make it happen. It isn’t that hard, isn’t it? At the end of the day I just want a draft completed, I did it before and could do it again. I was wrong. Continue reading “[Stones] I dreamed too far”

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Does Passion go on vacation?

I don’t know how to call it otherwise. I’m not a writer, I’m not a story teller since no one reads my work, I’m just a person with a passion. And my passion is writing. It does not matter what yours is, it can be writing, drawing, singing, or whatever one can imagine, I believe this applies to anyone from time to time.

I have good and bad days for writing. Bad in the fact that I can’t get anything out. It can be writer’s block, it can be procrastination, or maybe I’m not able to do it at that moment. There are days when I don’t write. Sometimes I write everyday, sometimes I end up being an weekend writer. But does that mean that I’m taking some time off?

Yes, there are no words put out there for me or someone else to read. From that perspective, I’m on vacation. But my mind…. oh, my mind never stops thinking of it. I might not sit in front of the computer to type the words, but I’m thinking them. I’m imagining scenes and arguing with my characters, I’m telling myself new stories that maybe someday I will get to write. Before falling into sleep, waking up, sometimes even at work when I don’t need to really focus on something, all I do it making plans. It never goes away.

My writing is not taking a break, even when I’m not doing it. It is there, in the corners of my mind, plotting, writing imaginary words that sometimes I don’t manage to make happen. Yes, I think I’m not the best host for my good old friend writing, but we manage to coexist together. I’m still waiting for the invention of the mind reading machine, one that could put down all the thoughts I have and make it easier for me.

Thus yes, I don’t think passion get to go on vacation. Id is always with you, maybe not in the expected form, maybe not like others can comprehend it, but it’s always there. Waiting, desiring, making you happy.

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Arguing with myself

“I don’t want to be a weekend writer.”


“I want to be more than that, I know I can be more.”

“And what’s stopping you? Definitely not me.”

“Is just… all of this.”

I stood there watching the monitor, listening to them. Of course in the end it was only my fault, I had no doubt at one point in the discussion they will point towards me. Continue reading “Arguing with myself”

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[Poem] He breathe no more

I never knew what to tell you.
So many words left unspoken,
So many barriers to be broken
And we just stood in silence.

We were like strangers, you and I
Two beings who knew each other,
Who wanted to live together, without being bothered
By rules of human interaction.

We ate in silence at the table,
We smiled and nodded from time to time
And could tell that we were fine
Without needing to say it out loud.

Did I love you? Did you love me?
There was a link we could not deny
There was no how, no who, no why
It was just us and a subtle smile.

Now that you are gone….
Everything is different, there is a gap
Not too many tears, just a sad thought
That I wasn’t there until the end.

I didn’t do all I should have,
I never thought how you’re lost,
Alone and scared. And all the frost
Between us melted, leaving me alone.

I’m sorry. For all the things I never did.
For all the moments I did not spare
To give you time and to prepare
For the silence that took you away.