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[Light] Outline or Draft

If you read any of my previous posts, you know that Light is my beloved novel, the first one I finished writing and now I’m in the process of editing. It all started long, long time ago with a dream and the desire to transform the idea into something more.

Like all the other writers wannabes, I read some books about writing. About the steps that published authors follow, about what you need to do to improve your skills. From reading to putting them into practice…. it is a long path on which I got lost from time to time. I saw those beautiful drafts of J.K. Rowling’s timeline and character’s plot and I wanted do to something similar for my book. Did I did it? Of course not.

Back when the idea came into my mind, I was doing a 15 days writing challenge and in order do be able to do it, I had to wake up early in the morning and do like an hour of writing before going to work. (Now that I think of it, I should repeat the experience.) Anyway, in one of these session I started to develop the idea into a couple of pages. It wasn’t really the beginning or the end of the story, it was just a chapter that later on became Chapter 6. Continue reading “[Light] Outline or Draft”

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[Short Story] Betrayal

She stared at the ceiling, watching the shadows while the tears fell from her eyes. How did it all went down so fast? One day everything was fine, they were happy and laughing and now… She turned to face the pillow, choking her screams. She didn’t understand before how much he meant to her, how fast she was starting to fall for him, until she felt the pain grabbing her heart.

She didn’t heard the knock on the door the first time. She raised up listening while watching the clock. It was 4AM and when he knocked again, she knew it was him. Slowly she got out of bed and moved towards the door, waiting for another sound.

“Anna, please,” the man begged. “I’m sorry. Please, I just want to talk to you.” Continue reading “[Short Story] Betrayal”

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Codename: Stones

Have you ever spent your time in the shower winning imaginary arguments with “real” people from your life? Imagining what you will say to your boss and how impressed he (she) will be? How you will get the client you ever wanted by this amazing speech you only see in the movies? I refuse to think that I’m the only one crazy enough to do it, you might just admit it, we are around friends here. Well, the idea for the novel I will write next started just like this. Long long time ago, the warm water help it sprout.

I don’t know when it all started, now that I’m trying to track it down I can say for sure that it is older than 5 years (let’s suppose that it is 5 years old). Thus, 5 years ago I stood in the shower thinking of the bad day I had at work and how good I’ll be in improving the situation. From just a single argument, it evolved to fantasy scenarios in which I become a superhero and saved the day. Just my imagination going as crazy as I let it. And continued to do so long after that day.

Continue reading “Codename: Stones”

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My writing journey

I’ve gave some long thought about what I want to write in this post. There are so many things I want to say, so many writing related topics I would love to discuss with someone and in the same time… I don’t know what to say.

I don’t see myself as a writer, I don’t consider myself fit to tell you what to do, give advice or anything else than showing you my lessons learned. What works for me, might be a pain in the ass for you and the other way around. I write, I improve, I do mistakes. I want to discuss the process, the ups and downs, my writing life. Thus I thought that maybe you should know more about what I’m doing and how it’s going (if you’re interested). What I plan on doing this year. Continue reading “My writing journey”

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Writing is hard

I’m not telling you nothing you didn’t know by now. Writing is not a walk in the park, is hard and takes up all your free time – if you want to be serious about it. Before I thought it was the most pleasant thing to do in the world, it made me happy and I had a chance to spread out my imagination whenever I felt like it. I sat down and wrote something that made sense at that moment and then stood up and left to my life. For me that was writing.

When I was young and wrote poetry, everything was much easier. Poems are not long, don’t take as much time to write as a story, I put them on the piece of paper and that was it. Back then I had free time and got bored during the summer vacations. There was no internet or social media, I didn’t even had a computer and the TV didn’t had as many interesting programs. Now nothing is as easy as I hoped it will be.

It’s simple to complain that you are too busy to write, than you don’t have time as professional writers do, easier than sitting down and write. I still do it sometimes, both the writing and the complaining parts. I’m not yet disciplined enough to have a daily schedule, I do a lot of procrastination and mistakes not matter how much I try to make myself better.

I have a full time job and that pretty much takes up my day and my energy. There are days when I get home and all I want to do is relax, close my eyes and dream, watch a movie, anything but concentrate on whatever project I’m having at hand. We all need free time just for ourselves, we need to relax, sleep, eat, work, spend time with family and friends. If you are passionate about it, you can find time, as you do with your everyday task.

I often get tired. Stress is a factor that gets me to this, busy days after which I can’t stay anymore in front of a computer. I hate the noise that it makes, I hate sitting in the chair, I have a pain in my hand from writing, I’m annoyed of how slow it all goes and I feel my eyes falling down. I lose sleep hours and they make me cranky. It often happens that I put writing aside whenever I feel I can’t do it. It is so easy to procrastinate…

There are days when the ideas come natural and others when you need to squeeze the corners of your brains for something to come up. It is a lot of effort and work to be put in when you want to make it better, when you want to make yourself better. Research, write, read, edit… it is not all done in one sit. I know there are others out there with much more willpower than me who do it when they have so much more going on in their lives and I respect them for that.

One thing that never changed through the years is the happiness that writing gets into my life. And that make everything worth it.