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[Light] Outline or Draft

If you read any of my previous posts, you know that Light is my beloved novel, the first one I finished writing and now I’m in the process of editing. It all started long, long time ago with a dream and the desire to transform the idea into something more.

Like all the other writers wannabes, I read some books about writing. About the steps that published authors follow, about what you need to do to improve your skills. From reading to putting them into practice…. it is a long path on which I got lost from time to time. I saw those beautiful drafts of J.K. Rowling’s timeline and character’s plot and I wanted do to something similar for my book. Did I did it? Of course not.

Back when the idea came into my mind, I was doing a 15 days writing challenge and in order do be able to do it, I had to wake up early in the morning and do like an hour of writing before going to work. (Now that I think of it, I should repeat the experience.) Anyway, in one of these session I started to develop the idea into a couple of pages. It wasn’t really the beginning or the end of the story, it was just a chapter that later on became Chapter 6. Continue reading “[Light] Outline or Draft”

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Codename: Stones

Have you ever spent your time in the shower winning imaginary arguments with “real” people from your life? Imagining what you will say to your boss and how impressed he (she) will be? How you will get the client you ever wanted by this amazing speech you only see in the movies? I refuse to think that I’m the only one crazy enough to do it, you might just admit it, we are around friends here. Well, the idea for the novel I will write next started just like this. Long long time ago, the warm water help it sprout.

I don’t know when it all started, now that I’m trying to track it down I can say for sure that it is older than 5 years (let’s suppose that it is 5 years old). Thus, 5 years ago I stood in the shower thinking of the bad day I had at work and how good I’ll be in improving the situation. From just a single argument, it evolved to fantasy scenarios in which I become a superhero and saved the day. Just my imagination going as crazy as I let it. And continued to do so long after that day.

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[Denial] A story of a short story

I’ve recently finished to publish my first short story on Wattpad and thought that maybe it would make sense to talk a little bit about the experience. It is not only the first story I’ve added on Wattpad, it is also the first story I finished and spent some time editing. If you are interested to know how it grew up to be what it is today, stick around from some more minutes.

Why is it important? For you, maybe it is not. Maybe is just a stupid story that no one will read. For me, it represents the courage to put my work out there (once more), give people a chance to criticize it and see how bad my writing is. You see, the truth is the story was born on this blog, a long time ago with just one word.

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What was first: reading or writing

No, it is no tricky question like the one with the egg and the chicken. I’m not trying to resolve riddles or figure out the mysteries of the universe. It’s just something I believe: most writers love to read and those who read (would) love to write. Is it possible to be a writer without spending so many moments lost in the magic world of other books?

Now that the internet is really the land of all possibilities (sorry America, you have been dethroned), I find that more and more people have the chance to come out and talk about their passions. And I follow some of them like a stalker. We don’t talk much, honestly, we don’t talk at all. I just want to see what they are doing, what they eat, what they read or what they write about. And since I’m in a very bad writing period, I focus as much as I can on reading. Thus there is no surprise that I’ve looked around for new recommendations everywhere I could.

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My reality

Weekend is just around the block and while I’m standing here looking at the screen waiting for the last minutes of my work days to pass (please don’t tell my boss I’m writing instead of finishing my tasks for the day), I can’t stop thinking of what I will do with my free time. I have a family, I have friends, and as much as I love them all, I find myself lusting for some time without them.

I love going for a walk in the park when the weather is nice outside or for a coffee out to look at the window while it rains, going out with my friend, going to movies or shows, shopping and all other activities you are all so familiar with. Right now I’m not waiting for any of these, all I want is to go home and lock myself into a room and write. Or read.

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