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“I just wanna get out of here!” he yelled.

“You can’t!” she yelled back and slammed the door behind her.

He was furious. He wanted to yell and break things like he did before until there was no more energy left. He wanted to break the door down and just run as far away as possible. He just hated her.

He went to the window and looked outsides. Cars honking, people walking by, the sun up in the sky. It was all so alive and he was trapped in this tomb for his entire life. And what life was that?
A hamster living in a bubble. No school, no friends, no human interactions except for his parents and doctors, all the time new, curious to see the boy who could not live. Who could not breath the normal air, who got sick with only having another human being in his vicinity. As he grew older the room became smaller and smaller and all he wanted was for a way out.

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“You never know when it will start to eat you up. Just once, you tell yourself, then again once more after a while and by the time you truly understand what is happening, you cannot live without it. Like so many others before me, I walk into the trap with my arms wide opened. I became an addict, and in my case it was not a mistake. I voluntarily surrender to every drug I had.

I don’t know to whom I need to address this letter, I might not even know the person who will find it and maybe have patience to read these lines. Maybe it will just be tossed away and I will cease to exist and be forgotten. I was once a man with a family and friends, I had a soul to call when the night got dark. But they are all far away now, not by miles but by heart. I let all of them down, I sent them away. In the last year I found myself alone wandering around in the dark of the night. But now, after all this time, I found my light again.

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People were rushing to their cars or homes, trying to escape the chill. My hands were cold but it was more to it than one could see. I felt it, I’ve smelled it before everyone else. I’m no one special, I just started to understand the nature better and pay more attention to it. When you live like I do, you need to adapt. I could smell the rain even before the first drop touched the ground, I could feel the storm in the first breeze. But this time it was snow.

I took a deep breath and take it all in, both the smell and the cold. My feet were freezing but my heart started to jump. Couldn’t wait to see the flakes falling all around, cover me under their protective embrace. I took another look at the sky. It was red under the lights of the city and under all those clouds that will soon fall onto Earth.

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The bus stopped right in front of him. It was full and he hardly managed to climb the stairs. He looked around for a moment at all those faces surrounding him and then he looked down at his feet. At the next stop more people got down and he moved deeper into the crowd. The sit next to the window was empty but the woman felt no need to move.

“May I?” he shamefacedly asked.

She moved a little without even looking at the man then turned her face from him. He sat and remained with his eyes on the ground.

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“Hi dad.”

The man lying in the bed tried to look at the one who just entered the small room. First him, then followed a young girl. She smiled but it was a sad smile.

“Let me help you.” said the man and started to lift him.

The old man said nothing, but you could see on his face it was not easy. Not easy just lying there all day long, not easy standing. He continued to look at the two strangers. He recognized the man, he came to visit before, but the girl… it was something about her, something so familiar.

“Do you know who she is?”

He grumbled something hard to understand.

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